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Does Nutrition Response Testing™ Really Work?

Yes. This technology is being successfully used by thousands of healthcare practitioners across the country, helping hundreds of thousands of patients to overcome a wide variety of health problems and achieve more optimum health. It has been featured in numerous publications including The American Chiropractor, Chiropractic Economics, and DC Products Review.

Check out some of the success stories below to get an idea of what this powerful technology can do.

"Before Nutrition Response Testing I was having hot flashes, night sweats and I wasn't sleeping. Now, the hot flashes are gone, the night sweats are gone, I'm falling asleep faster and I'm staying asleep!" - Heather W.
"A year ago I suffered from high cholesterol and now with supplements and small dietary changes my cholesterol levels are back to normal!
The process was easy and I feel like my overall health has improved with nutrition response testing." -Kacey B.
"My two children and I see Amy on a regular basis, and for my son this was the first winter of his life that he didn't have severe eczema, he didn't have any eczema. Amy has truly helped us change the health of our entire family! -Megan B.
"My daughter has suffered from eczema for over 14 years. It itched terribly. She even avoided wearing shorts because it was so widespread on her legs. We have visited her pediatrician, a dermatologist, an allergist, and a functional medicine doctor. She tried all of their prescriptions. She gave up dairy, she tried every natural remedy, cream, essential oil, and supplement that you can think of. Just a few weeks after visiting Amy and implementing the diet changes and specific supplements, she began to see improvement. After 4 months, the eczema is gone. You can’t even see where it was! Thank you Amy! She is so happy (and so am I!)." -Sarah D.
"I reached out to Amy because I was having ongoing and incredibly painful acid reflux. My doctor had recommended a daily antacid but I’ve never been a fan of popping OTC pills on the regular if I don’t have to. Amy quickly and professionally diagnosed my issue and gave me a complete (and reasonably priced) regimen of natural supplements to get my gut back in order. After only two weeks I started to notice a difference. I could drink wine at night and not regret it. This was quickly followed by spicy food and even beer. After six weeks of treatment, I’ve completely cut out the OTC pills and have lessened the supplements to a comfortable, daily level. I highly recommend Amy and her expertise. You won’t regret the visit!" -Danny B.

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